Job Opening at KitchenAid…?

One wouldn’t think of KitchenAid being a company that had to utilize their Crisis Communication team often. After all, they are a very popular,well-made and sought out brand that has provided many men, women and grandmom’s extreme joy over the years. However, apparently they have a very conservative employee on their social media staff.

Wednesday evening, during the first Presidential debate of the 2012 election season, a member of Kitchen Aid’s social media staff, tweeted a very insincere, insensitive comment about President Obama’s passing before he was elected President. While this was obviously supposed to have been commented from the staff’s personal account, Ooops…it was not and instantly created a Twitter firestorm! Thankfully for Kitchen Aid, their team responded instantly, the comment removed and Cynthia Soledad, Kitchen Aid Director of Brand and Marketing Services, made many public apologies, especially to the President for their staff (former?) members lack of respect.

I found this to be a very responsible response by KitchenAid. It was refreshing to learn of a brand and corporation that still greatly values ethics and morals in the workplace. Had KichenAid’s Crisis Communication and Marketing team ignored the event, the tweet would have undoubtedly taken over the media feeds the following day. Since KitchenAid and Cynthia took all the right steps, the event was not erased but was greatly diminished.  Luckily, Big Bird and the gang at Sesame Street held the trending title on Twitter…and everywhere else in the news. That’s another post entirely…

It was also a little suprising, though perhaps it shouldn’t be, that someone could make such a rude, ignorant comment and not pay attention to which account they were using to make it with. Was it a mistake as was claimed? I believe it most likely was, unless someone was looking for a creative way to get fired. It was great to see KitchenAid be able to withstand the criticism and uphold the value of their brand after a short-lived crisis.

One thought on “Job Opening at KitchenAid…?

  1. Gini Dietrich

    You’re right – there are two issues here. One is the crisis created from the errant tweet and the other is the tweet itself. Our country is so polarized this election year. It scares, and saddens, me.


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